Hello, I’m David. I’m an Australian and I have been living in Phuket, Thailand, since 2006. I started my working life as a dairy-hand. I’ve also worked in a variety of other jobs. Currently I’m the I.T. Coordinator and Teacher at QSI International School of Phuket.

At home though I love to make things, especially with wood. I’ve bought some tools here, and I’ve brought some tools back with me from Australia, and I now enjoy making my own tools. I also love recycling wood. Few interests have remained dear to me throughout my life like woodworking has.


About the Avatar:

I’ve seen a number of woodworkers use what would normally be considered a logo as their avatar instead of a picture of themselves. I’ve chosen to go in the same direction.

I’ve decided to use a photo I took recently while fixing up an older project. It shows my Dad’s vintage German-made  smoothing plane and a homemade bench hook which I was using at that time to shape up a new handle for my tool basket. It represents not just my love for woodworking, but also my preference of using traditional hand-tools rather than modern power-tools wherever practical.