Double Spring Pole Lathe [Part 2]

So, here goes part 2 of my Double Spring Pole Lathe build inspired by the design promoted by Roy Underhill.

  • First step was to cut the foot and clamp the leg (the build of the first leg is covered in Part 1) over the foot ready to mark out the hole for the offcut that will pass through both pieces and be wedged on both sides.


  • Next, I assembled the foot and the leg together, using double wedges on each end of the offcut. On the first leg I cut slots for the wedges, which worked ok. On this occassion I simply split the wood a little with a chisel, this seems to have worked much better. I also cut down each end of the foot at an angle just to make them a little more decorative. Ok, both legs done now.


  • I marked out the mortices for the bottom crossbar, and started chiseling…


  • The finished mortice.


  • Next, I cut the tenons on both ends of the bottom crossbar.


  • I tested the assembly. One end was a bit tight, but I’m happy for it to stay that way. The other was an easier fit. In both cases when I drove the horizontal wedges through the hole frame tightened up beautifully.


  • The end with the easier fit will be easy to dismantle when I’m ready to install the two crossbars that make up the bed. That will be next time.
  • You will notice in the photo that the wood split on the end. This is one of a few splits that have occurred in different places which led me to question the long-term viability of using this particular lot of reclaimed wood. But, in seeing how firmly the frame has come together with just one crossbar installed I’ve gained confidence that this project will work out fine. In any case, this is my first attempt at a spring pole lathe, so I’m not expecting it to be perfect!
Our dog Maxie checking out my latest project! When my wife saw it she thought I was making a clothes line lol.
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