Plant Pot

I’ve got a Norfolk Island Pine that was going nowhere in it’s old pot, so I built a new one out of what was left of the fence panels I’ve been recycling. It was built by using some left over square cut strips from another project, and then panelled. Finally a bottom was installed, like a grate, and covered with scraps of plywood to keep the dirt in. I didn’t take any in-progress photos, sorry.

By using strips of wood in the corners I was able to box it all in without lapping the panels, which allows the endgrain to be visible, and creates a rather nice affect I think.


The tree was slowly dying, turned out the rootball had not been able to grow, not becuase of the size of the previous pot, but it simpy grew into itself, so this time I opened up the rootball while repotting it, hopefully it will grow better this time.
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